GYMB4 Videos will remain free for as long as possible

Here's a fun way for kids to stay healthy and active. GYMB4 is short for "Get Yourself Moving Before Learning™." 

The GYMB4 videos were developed by an award-winning Elementary Physical Educator from Maryland and designed for students from Pre-K through 5th grade. GYMB4 videos have been used in schools throughout the US and Canada to help teachers lead more effective instruction by "getting the wigglies out" (if you're a teacher or parent of a small child, you are only too familiar with the "wigglies"). 

GYMB4 will make its videos available at no charge through this website to anyone who needs a break for their kids.  We may need to ask for support in the near future (we do have to pay to keep these videos streaming), but right now that is not our intention. We know what it's like when children have to stay inside, and that any diversion is welcome... especially a healthy one!  Enjoy! 

Choose Your GYMB4 & Workout Now!



For Pre-K through 1st Grade


For Pre-K through 1st Grade


With 2X the Aerobic Content!


2-Minute Fun Resets

Praise for GYMB4

"GYMB4 is the perfect way to get kids moving and exercised when you don't have a whole lot of time.  The 5 and 10-minute workouts really, really work them out!  And when they're done, they're more relaxed, focused and ready to learn."

about GYMB4

Award-Winning Physical Educator Creates GYMB4


Over 25 years of award-winning 
Elementary Physical Education, 
including Adapted PE, have led to the creation of these GYMB4 Videos.

3 Versions to Choose From

GYMB4 KIDS is for all children ages 3-10.
LIL' GYMBY'S is for preschool - 1st grade.
GYMB4 Turbo has 2X the aerobics!

Pick Your Play Time

Choose from 5 and 10 minute workouts in each version, or do a 2-minute Stretchbreak™ while seated. 

The Perfect Exercise Break for Kids

Kids love recess and play, but there are times when it's not possible to let them go outside. With GYMB4 videos, kids can expel any pent-up energy and have fun! And afterwards, in just 5 or 10 minutes, kids who do GYMB4 are more relaxed, focused and ready to learn.

No Equipment Needed

If you have room on the floor to move around, you have all you need to get yourself moving with GYMB4!

Fun Surprises

GYMB4 videos are loaded with cool music, real kids and fun animated surprises that keep children engaged


A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind

Exercise = Calm & Focused

Since 2004, GYMB4 videos have worked to bring structured physical education to children who need it most. Study after study has proven the connection between childhood exercise and brain functioning. When children get regular breaks of activity in their day, they are calmer, more relaxed and better able to focus on their studies. 

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